Short Stories – An Anthology

With the second series in Verdorso well underway to be published in autumn, it has given me some time to explore different elements of writing.

I love writing short stories. I truly believe this is the best way to develop and refine your writing techniques. Writing a 90.000 word novel is all fun and games until the editing comes…

This is where short stories and even flash fiction really helps to finely tune your writing instrument.

I have been fortunate enough to interview some incredible people about the paranormal and all things strange.

I started working on Truth or Scare a few months back to get a feel for this type of fiction mixed with creative non-fiction.

Truth or Scare will contain some red herrings. A few conjured up fictional stories slotted between real life events.

The answers to what is fact and what has been fiction only to be revealed at the end of this frightening anthology. Or of course, if you’re like me and grow impatient you can skip to the end!

How does everyone feel about horror and paranormal anthologies?

What about short stories? Do you enjoy reading them? Or writing them?

Let me know how you feel about short stories!




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