Self-help or self-hinder?


I published this book a little over a year ago.

When I first started to write it I thought of all the self-help books that had been written before. My clear aim was to be nothing like them.

Self-care and self-help is great as a starting point don’t get me wrong but sometimes they lack the real meaning of what is happening in someone’s life. More often than not it could be an underlying mental health issue that hasn’t been addressed.

With so much in the news recently about people taking their own lives after participating in a TV show it reminded me how important seeking professional help is.

Also, how difficult.

This book in all sense of its purpose is suppose to be the drunken chat you have with a friend. Righting all the wrongs in your life but this time remembering the good advice you gave and received.

Most importantly, giving you the Dutch courage to reach out and get any support that might be needed.

Plus it might give you a good giggle at the inappropriateness of the entire book and take your mind off work tomorrow. Who knows!



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