Beneath the Well

As a clairvoyant and paranormal investigator Ella travelled around the UK quite often.

Her work sometimes helped to debunk myths or help homeowners find a leaking pipe that was causing paranormal sensations.

However, it sometimes uncovered things that she was not prepared for…

The winter of 2014 Ella was asked to bring her crew to an abandoned asylum in Scotland.

A crew member had suggested stopping at his great uncle’s house. Peter’s uncle had an enormous empty home after his wife left one night with their two children.

Arriving at the home in Aberdeen, Uncle Gary showed them around before retiring to his room. Peter had warned the crew that his great uncle often spoke to himself and still prepared rooms for his wife and children in case they returned.

Ella tired from the journey decided it was best to get some rest. That night Ella’s dreams were tormented. A well with over flowing water in a dark stone room.

The next morning Uncle Gary had prepared a feast for breakfast, an extra three places were laid. He spoke softly as they discussed the journey they take.

Ella mentioned her strange dream and they all agreed this could be what to expect when they arrive at the old asylum.

They spent the rest of the day helping Uncle Gary with odd jobs that his 91 years wouldn’t allow him to do.

Tired from painting an outside fence, Ella decided to take a nap. A small decision that would have catastrophic effects.

Her mind led her to a wooden door. Behind that door, wooden slats. Kicking them through she could see a drop into a basement but no stairs.

Jumping down into the basement she could see a well overflowing with water. Before she could reach the well a teenage girl screamed as she appeared in front.

This jolted Ella awake…

Something propelled Ella out of her room and down the stairs. Ripping at the side of the staircase she managed to pull away a fake plasterboard wall, hiding a wooden door.

Yanking the door open she saw wooden slats. She knew what to expect.

Grabbing a ladder from outside, Ella made her way into the basement. Just as she had seen in her dream an overflowing well, but no apparition.

Suddenly all she could hear was footsteps in the water and screams. This time she didn’t wake up…

Later that day the firemen and a rescue team pulled three bodies from the well. An excavation team unearthed over 40 bodies from the ground.

Uncle Gary was arrested for the murder of over 40 missing teenage girls.

In his confession Gary admitted that his wife found a local girl Tess chained up in the basement. When she tried to flee, Gary killed her and his children to stop them from speaking, hiding them in the well.

Years later tormented by what he had done Gary tried to hide the evidence by making the basement disappear.

He admitted ‘it only made the basement disappear. They were all there with me. I always set a place for my wife and children, they’d come often…’

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