RMS Titanic – Remembering the Musicians

The below piece is an emotive fictional story. 1503 people died as the Titanic sunk. Here I dedicate to the 8 musicians who bravely continued to play.



Icy winds pierced my lungs as the sound of passengers screeching filled the night. A paradox, an unsinkable ship, sinking fast.

Somehow, courage surged through our bodies as the first note sighed into the chaos. A calming melody flourished as women and children scrambled into the last of the lifeboats.

There were those, who unashamedly, took lost screaming children and claimed them as their own. Granting them a lifeline.

Once the lifeboats had gone we held onto anything. Our instruments, our hopes, perhaps something more solid would be needed.

To die engulfed by the sound of your instrument was the only way I could accept my fate.

The water might freeze my body. Falling debris could kill me.

Nevertheless, the outcome would be the same. So, we bravely played out one last time, with honour and privilege, as the water sang us into a new symphony.

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