Sol and Luna – Part Three

The risk we took leaving a day early was Luna kin would be still somewhat powerful. It was the last bit of their energy, the last burst before the rebirth of their power. However, this was when we were at our strongest. Sol clans started to rebuild their strength and Luna children were exercising their last bout.

New Moon Eve was our day.

Isaac’s keen intuition had saved us multiple times throughout the years. There were many long stretches in one place, 80 days or so. We thought it would be safe after that amount of time, but it was only Isaac who warned us we would have one more day before we needed to leave. Of course, he was always right.

Isaac’s intuition was a force to be reckoned with.

One morning, the night after the first full moon, we were all jolted out of our makeshift beds as Isaac pulled the covers from us. Panic packing, he told us that Sol clans would be here within the next twenty minutes. Pitching in, the entire living site was scooped up with a few minutes to spare. A confident eight-year-old Isaac told us where we needed to hide; behind the valley in the blue rigid, a small dip just ahead.

Sol clans arrived.

No one could believe what had happened. On their weakest day, they still tried to catch us off guard. Just like the early arrival of their new Sol children. As always, we were ready to move right at the last minute. It had been glorious staying in the cool blue hones of the Rigid Valley Blue again but soon we would all be susceptible to our Sol lineage. My two elder sisters ran ahead, flaunting their Luna skills in ice.

Luna and Sol’s gifts were very different.

That’s why we were so hunted. Not just for our box opening ability but experimental purposes. Find out to what extent both Luna and Sol can go to in creating a new selection of powers. Luna kin were seekers of the truth and mind. Hearing thoughts and seeing events unfold before their time is what we called our intuition. Our elements are water and air, they responded well to us and often kept us safe.

Sol clans didn’t understand this.

Many believed that Luna were shapeshifters, werewolves, or some form of ancient mythological creature. it was mainly because of their own ability to morph into another creature. This made them dangerous. Sol clans were destroyers of peace but keepers of tranquillity. They were here to stop wars happening but create them when necessary. They did this through magic. Not just any type of magic but old universal sorcery. If they thought it, it would happen. We call this our will. Some are stronger than others. Our elements are fire and earth. These elements allowed us to transform into any animal of the ground. So, neither Sol or Luna could see they were an asset, not an enemy.

Ignorance has led to hate.

Which was why we had picked up our speed as we power walked through. The youngest of my sisters felt safer in animal form. She could run faster and often kept our pack out of looming danger.

“She needs to stop!”

Isaac’s speed was impressive as he passed me, heading straight for Lora. The urgency in his voice forced us all into a lightning sprint. Stopping just a metre behind Isaac we saw why Lora needed to stop.

A wolf sat opposite her.

A Sol clan in wolf’s clothing.

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