Sol and Luna – Part Two

Now when I say my family, I use the term very loosely. There were members of my actual family, my two brothers, three sisters, and my aunt, Emily. She raised us after my parents were both killed. Not in battle as such. Their friend betrayed them both offering them up to Luna. When Luna folk realised that my parents would put up a fight, they killed one, a threat. Sol clans killed the other in a desperate attempt to stop Luna gaining any victory.

Neither side cared for the people that had been sacrificed.

That’s when we went into hiding. Aunt Emily knew that both sides would come looking for us. We needed to be in a place where neither could find us. Or survive the terrain. So, we headed for the rainbow lines. Not actual rainbows or the pot of gold at the end of it but a place that was too hot for Luna folk to survive during the day and too cold for Sol clans to sleep through the night. Our own pot of luck.

We gathered a few strays along the way.

There always seemed to be a few in each rainbow line. The weird and wonderful Lunols as I called us. There was Ricky who never spoke only to let us know when he had sourced the next line to hide in. Now, we needed to find it quickly. More and more children had been born without the mark of Luna or Sol over the past 5 years. The next rain of stars might bring more separation to families. However, the next time Earth would go dark would mean more Sol children. Then there was always the possibility of our anomaly.

No one knew what caused it.

The only thing we could be sure of was that if a member of Sol found themselves hit with a ray of Luna they would be in trouble which in turn placed us in danger. The first seven years of my life was spent fleeing every three days. The Luna phases would be different then. After three cycles of three more than likely would be nearing a full moon or with some luck a new moon. This was when Luna’s children were at their weakest. Sadly, it is when Sol clans gained strength. Depending on the Luna cycle it dictated when we moved. New moon we were safe to move during the night. Full moon meant day was the safest time.

A new moon was soon to be approaching.

This fell on the same day forecasted for the stars to rebirth on Earth. One more day.

“Anaya, you need to find your brothers before we leave.”

Aunt Emily had our best interests at heart but sometimes completely forgot that my two teenage brothers often disappeared for days, often meeting us at the next line. As always, I would nod and head outside to try and find wherever they could have got to. Only this time they had already returned.

“I was just about to look for you two.”

“Something isn’t right Anaya, I can feel it.”

“I can hear it in the wind. The song has changed.”

“What do you mean Isaac?”

“I think we move now. In case the Earth falls to darkness before the stars.”

The cracking of their voices was enough proof for me. Something beyond our control was about to happen. The stars had fallen first last time so we had all assumed it would happen like that again. What if we plunged into darkness as new Sol children arrived? We wouldn’t have time to move on. They would be too strong.

It wasn’t a chance we could take.

Part two of Sol and Luna!

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