Fairy Tales for Adults – Why We Need Them More Now

Good evening/morning/afternoon, wherever you are! The past few weeks have been a bit crazy again. Finally, I have had some time to sit down and continue working on my collection of adult fairy tales.

What would be the purpose of writing the modern-day adult fairy tale? 

Simply, there are many times we forget what is important. With jobs, social events and the quest to quench the thirst for money, it seems we forget the lessons we were taught as children. Learning how to show compassion, kindness, and sharing. These were once the top of our agenda. As we grow, we replace our core values with ambition and determination. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that but staying humble as we travel around the wheel of fortune is important.

Give to the homeless. Help a colleague, not hinder them because you’re scared they then might take your promotion.

Never forget how it felt not quite fitting in and the person who helped you overcome this.

So, in my next post will be the first story in that will be in the book. Please let me know what you think!




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