Samhain and Fairy Tales

As we approach October it has given me time to reflect on various aspects of the year.

I can’t be the only person who feels that October and Autumn feels more like the New Year than January!

So, come 31st of October I will take great joy in celebrating Samhain. Of course, Halloween will be honoured as always.

I’m open with my beliefs and as many know I practise Wicca. It has been a glorious year for meeting new witches and helping those new to their path.

However, regardless of your religion or belief, I wish you all a great Autumn with fantastic luck and buckets of love.

For my writing, I’m excited as Verdorso takes on new elements and exciting times.

Currently the next in the series won’t be released until middle next year. This is due to a new project I have started.

An adult fairy tale anthology.

My heart yearns for a time when opening a new fairy tale book would mean exploring not just one story but many.

This is what, hopefully, I will achieve with this new project. Taking on fairy tales from all around the world, given a modern setting and including every human form.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Let me know your Halloween plans!




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