Swan Lake

They settled in a small cottage with a lake at the back.

Every morning the children would wake up ecstatic to feed the animals down at the lake. A variety of ducks, geese, and swans swooned over once they saw an ample amount of food.

Standing at the back door with a coffee in hand, she watched as her children ran in glee. Then, they sat peacefully at the lakeside whilst the animals went about their normal day.

This became the morning routine until the plump young skin watching her children faded. The marks of a good life with laughter rippled like the water.

Young children were now growing into adults. Still, nostalgia and routine kept the animals at the lake well fed.

Soon, the old cottage heard the scrambling of youth once more as grandchildren ran to the lake, ready to see what nature had to offer. A family united by swans.

When the swans left, the winter arrived. The summer plants died whilst the winter animals thrived.

Three generations watched as the children fed the wildlife until the water froze over. It was only when the lake had thawed did they realise it was only two generations that watched over the swans of the lake.

Short story inspired by this beautiful piece of art by S.J. Dickson. 

Very proud daughter!


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