Scarborough Fair

He asked me if I was going to Scarborough Fair. I always do. So, the question confused me until a letter was placed into my hand. I turned to ask him where I would find Madame Verde but he was gone.

Shoving the letter into a spare pocket, I found myself dazzled by the fair. Amongst the fire eaters and strongest man, was a green tent. Above it etched in gold writing ‘Madame Verde’. She smiled as I entered with the letter. Asking me to describe the man who gave this to me. I couldn’t stop staring. Her hood covered her eyes only revealing her lips. She nudged me to continue. I told her he was lightly built, short brown hair and a tan from working in the summer. Madame Verde wanted to know the colour of his eyes. Green.

She opened the letter to find a single word scribbled… yes. Looking at her mouth, I asked what it said.

It was a consent letter. Your eyes and soul for whatever your heart desired, brought by the next victim.


I’m happy to see there are people enjoying the short stories and flash fiction! 

The Five Year Losing Streak will be free from tomorrow in a free promotion!

Enjoy your Saturday! 

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