The Five Year Losing Streak

Chapter One – Popcorn

It was just how every girl imagined their wedding day.
The summer had come to an end and autumn had let its first leaf fall to the ground. Perfect for a rural country wedding. The mixture of soft grass and dried out orange leaves created a beautiful aisle. Friends and family gathered either side on the pumpkin lines on fitting straw seats. My outdoor wedding was illuminated by the settling pink clouds cascaded across the ever-dimming sky.
Gently, a hand was placed upon my own. Sharp blue eyes gleamed with pride. Finally, his daughter was to be married. My father tucked my arm inside his as the wooden doors opened for me to walk down the aisle.
I took a deep breath and walked in time to my music. Looking on, Ben waiting for me as the last ray of sun hit his freckled skin. I began to smile as he allowed tears to fall down his face. Honesty, this was the reaction that every woman dreamed of.
Standing in a white lace dress, the place was silent as our vows were read. Sniffles and smalls cries could be heard as I described Ben as my best friend and soulmate and he told me I was the only woman he would ever love.
“Bethany Juliette Bennet, do you take Benjamin Franklin Suarez to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do.”
“And do you Benjamin Franklin Suarez take Bethany Juliette Bennet to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I can’t.”
What, the actual fuck.


This small extract has been taken from The Five Year Losing Streak that is now available on Amazon! An entry into the Kindle Storyteller UK 2018 competition. Goodluck to everyone taking part! I can’t wait to read your stories!  


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