The Benevolent

It’s not all a coincidence who is chosen. Who becomes powerful like them and who lives in the gutters like us.
In 2021 Kevin Alma figured it all out. The Queens, their politicians, they were all part of the same family, The Benevolent. Strangely, four months after his findings, that’s when Alma was found dead. He was 37 years old, but the report stated death by natural causes, heart failure. He had no previous heart complications.
Swiftly after that, the internet was screened daily by the government. They needed more workers. Then the internet became a privilege. The entire world was engulfed in protecting the secrets of the Benevolent children. If you were not part of protecting the lies you were against them. Shanty towns and food rations for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t support government control.
Let me brief you about how The Benevolent family monopolised power, if I may. Kevin Alma wrote how in 1800 the world was in turmoil, the gap between rich and poor was severe. People beginning to turn against each other, and those amassing great amounts of wealth. At the top of the rich list was one family. The Benevolent kin had already spread worldwide. All members held high positions, with their name beginning to be splashed across the media they needed a way of hiding their family name and wealth.
So, the third daughter of each family unit was married to a man of no relation to the family. The first child would be placed with a childless, poverty-stricken family.
As Alma wrote, ‘poverty was a crucial part of selection’. It created the notion of self-made. Of course, the money had always been there. Just like any military operation, every part of that child’s life was organised and planned. Micromanaged until they could claim their inheritance and place in life.
Children that showed any remarkable talents in the arts, literature, art or music were given similar circumstances. They would be indoctrinated into the way of Benevolent. Allowed to pursue their dreams, with a price. Their marriages would profit the family. Matched to the next business investment. Always destined for heartbreak and multiple divorces.
You may have known Kevin Alma. He excelled in anything literary. From his early beginnings of writing short stories. Right up to his debut fantasy novel, The Fifth Element. Alma was in his prime when he made his discovery.
There was just one thing that didn’t make sense. His family.
Years before his 2021 revelation Kevin did some research about his own heritage. We all know his story of how he wrote an entire collection of stories on the back of debt collection letters. The only paper they could afford. We never knew he was adopted, something that was silently kept. However, the adoption was never mentioned to him. In fact, there was no paperwork at all about it. He took samples from his parents as they slept. DNA didn’t match. An odd way to find out that your parents and doctors had lied.
The book catapulted him to new levels of fame. Talk shows, interviews and even a meeting with the Queen. He spoke of how his next work would be his finest to date. Small extracts could be found online. Of course, mentioned in the back of his 2021 discovery was the next book he was working on.
Kevin Alma: The Benevolent and me.

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