If They Knock, Don’t Answer.

Levi was staring up at me shaking his tail. Evidently, the hour long walk in the fallen leaves was not enough for him. Nor was gaining an extra coat of mud in the field.

“Fine,” I huffed at him. Slipping through into the kitchen I fiddled with the outside light. I should have got it fixed months ago, but the flickering light was enough for Levi’s nightly escapades. I opened the back door and let him out.

“Go on,” ushering him out, he stopped on the first stone slab.

His bark made me jump.

The doorbell ringing made Levi lose his concentration. The new mission was the front door.

“I have snacks!” Jess greeted me as all worthwhile friends do, with food and an ear to listen.

Our evening of snacks, stories and strong wine was going to plan but something was still unsettling Levi’s usually placid nature. The constant low grumbling coming from Levi stopped once Jess stood up. Opening the living room, he darted out coming to a sliding stop at the back-garden door.

“I think he must need to go out, I’ll grab another bottle of wine while I’m up.” I said.

“It’s ok. I need to use the toilet anyway, I’ll let him out. Be back in a second!”

I heard the door open but not close. Just assuming Jess was waiting for Levi to come back in, I sipped my wine waiting. Waiting was becoming the new game.

Ten minutes past before a breaking sound mixed with the door slamming startled me into getting up.

A near miss with a broken bottle made me stare at the door. It was closed. The light was off. Only the outside light was still flickering. Carefully stepping over the glass I made it to the back door. It was closed. The flickering light illuminated the empty garden before going out. I locked the door turning away to try and find my lost dog, and friend.

Something made me turn back.

I glanced out into the garden once more.

The light flickered on.

I could see something getting closer to the door.

A tall figure stopped. Standing still, behind me.

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