Late Night Writing.

So, it’s the perfect day to spend inside where it is warm, dry and food is readily available. Potter and pizza seems like the winning combination. What film to watch is the question! Do I start at the beginning once more or watch Deathly Hallows part 2?


Until the crucial decision has been made, I’ll continue with my writing!

Now, I’m curious to know, other than being a night owl, does the cold, wet weather inspire you to write? Or is it the hot rays of the sun that lights up the creativity box?

For me writing in the winter comes easier. As much as I love the summer, I’ve always felt that the cold forces you to feel every aspect of your senses; in the same way the quietness of the night allows you to think.


This was my night Friday and Saturday night. I know, what a wild life I live! I love it though. These three A4 and one A5 notepads contain everything about Verdorso I have ever created. Including a a dictionary for the languages. Looking closely at the picture you can see that the A5 notepad has a LOT of scribbled out words. This was over two years ago when I first tried to think of a name. Originally it had been, ‘The Fifth Element’, but that didn’t work. Then I changed it to The Keepers of Verdorso, followed by ‘A Story Begins’ and ‘The Meeting of Kin’. None quite fitted the story as much as ‘A Finding of Kin’.

The next in the series will be ‘A Traitor Returns’, which so far has been a pleasure to write. Often I find when I have finished a plan for the plots, and begin writing ideas to be used in the next book in the series pops into my mind, hence why the next plans for Verdorso have already been developed, ‘The Battle for Verdorso’. Unfortunately/fortunately, whatever way you look at it, three isn’t the magic number for Verdorso. Five is. I feel that ‘A Finding of Kin’ merely sets the scene for Verdorso. Introduces you to the first parts of Verdorso. You discover and learn the ancient history of the lands, just as Nataleena learns about them for the first time. A journey together.


What started as an idea quickly written on scrap paper became the basis of a new language. The language that is spoken in Verdorso is Grenograck, the Earth Kin’s language. However, each kin has their own mother tongue which at times they use. Now, with thirteen central characters finding ways to highlight their role is essential. This is Inpa’s song, Inpa is Earth Kin from Grenchav. Inpa is a very strong character, a beautiful woman, inside and out. A heart filled with sorrow but radiates nothing but love. A woman who becomes like an aunt to Nataleena.

Writing down a sort of dictionary has become central to my work for Verdorso. I may have created the language but it’s still a learning process for me as well!


Of course, pronunciation is also key!

Something that I started working on for ‘The Battle for Verdorso’ and on through the later parts of the series was something the laws and guidance of Verdorso. I wanted them to feel more like moral guidance than punishing laws. If we remember historically people have been punished for who they love, the colour of their skin and standing up to an outdated system. Just because something sits in a book of law doesn’t make it morally right.

I’m keen to know, what are your writing habits? Any particular time you write? Anything that stops you from writing?

Enjoy your Sunday!



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