Not In My Nature.

It doesn’t come natural to me to post about myself let alone about my work. However, keeping something hidden that should be shared can be harder than deciding what to write.

So I’ll admit something to you all.

I am a self-confessed lover of nature.

Everything about it.

From when the cold nights start to drift in, to watching the sunrise early hours of the morning. What the seasons bring to me is hope and new life. New researches are showing how much humans actually need nature. How seeing a tree can brighten up your day.

Now, I can guess you are all wondering why nature is being the forefront of introducing my novel.

That is because the core of The Keepers of Verdorso: A Finding of Kin is nature. More specifically a tree.

The human mind is a fantastic source of endless settings. We can create a world easily when we find ourselves in a not so perfect place.

Over the next few blogs allow me to introduce you to Verdorso. You may find the escape a welcomed holiday.

You may have been use to Laurel Linden’s posts about Verdorso. I apologise for this rash takeover. The posts you will see are directly from me, L.A. Millett. The author of The Keepers of Verdorso: A Finding of Kin.

Please just call me Laura!

I hope you enjoy this new change in events!

Yours forever,


2 thoughts on “Not In My Nature.

  1. Very interesting! I do love nature too.

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    1. It’s definitely the heart and soul of life 🙂

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