The Dehumanisation of Our Nation

After reading and watching news in recent weeks I feel appalled to be human.

Now, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but when I say our nation is becoming dehumanised I do not refer to Britain or France or China or Puerto Rico. I’m referring to humans as one whole nation.

It struck a nerve inside of me as I watched news reports of a man trying to end his own life by jumping from the top of a building. No sympathy, no empathy, nothing but empty shells watched this man. I say empty shells because we as humans are meant to have the ability to see someone hurting and help. Instead of kind words and getting the help he needed, skeletons opened their bony jaws and laughed, cheered and encouraged a man to take his own life. All whilst recording it.

If that wasn’t hard enough to endure, then to browse through social media to see the awful comments surrounding the Holocaust.

Let me just remind people that innocent humans were taken from their homes and families and placed into camps where they would be killed upon arrival or starved, forced to endure the cruellest of treatments. To see comments such as ‘it happened years ago, get over it’, how about no?

This is so wide spread even into subjects such as slavery. People just want to forget that HUMANS were ripped from their countries and homes and forced into gruelling conditions with no explanation why. No reason for it. How can we just ‘get over’ that?

How about we stop telling people that their feelings are not valid. How about we start to care for each other. How are we meant to just ‘get over it’?

History is there to be remembered so it is never repeated. To forget it or ‘get over it’ does so much injustice to those who have fought for equality, those who died for no reason at all and those who continuously fight to erase the stigma surrounding things like mental health.

Animals are the only thing giving me joy at this moment. Seeing dogs protecting humans, seeing horses trying to save other horses. Seeing a lion and a dog being the best of friends.

I know it seems like a lot to ask but can we begin to have compassion? Or are we as humans evolved into our next state when the only thing that matters is a cheap shot joke or how many likes a selfie can get.

Well that’s my rant over with. A reminder why I don’t like the news!

On a lighter note it is SATURDAY!!!!!! I hope everyone has a beautiful and safe day!



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